Advice When Working With Teleprompter Operators For Video Production

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Advice When Working With Teleprompter Operators For Video Production

15 September 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog

A lot of video production activities involve teleprompter operators. These professionals create written transcripts that show up on a screen for a person to read, line by line. If you are working with one for a news segment or commercial, this advice will make a positive impact on how the experience goes.

Inform Operator About Your Talking Speed

In order for teleprompting services from an operator to be valuable, the words need to move at a speed that you're comfortable with. That depends on how fast you speak, which is a factor you want to describe to the operator before beginning this process.

Let them know how quickly you speak so that they can match this rate perfectly, with words moving along at a speed you can easily keep up with. That will help you come off more natural and professional ultimately. 

Tell Them What Font Size You Prefer

In addition to telling the teleprompter operator about your talking speed, it's a good idea to tell them what font size you're comfortable with. It needs to be large enough so that you can easily see what you're supposed to say for a video being shot by a production crew.

You can meet up with this operator well before the production date, going over different font sizes until you find one that's fitting. Just make sure you take into account where you'll be standing or sitting when the video is shot. That can help you find an optimal font size that makes reading a teleprompter a lot easier.

Analyze the Transcript Beforehand

Although you'll be reading from a teleprompter that is managed by a certified operator, it's still a good idea to take the operator's transcript and study it. You don't have to memorize it completely, but it's important to know the gist of the information being read.

That can help you use the teleprompter a lot more effectively because you know what's supposed to come next roughly. The teleprompter operator can go over this transcript with you too, clearing up any details that you may not be sure about.

Thanks to teleprompters, reading a bunch of information or lines for a video is a lot easier to do. If you have one of these videos coming up, you'll be working with a teleprompter operator. As long as you prepare and work with them correctly, you'll have a smooth experience all around.