Undercover Watchdogs: Creative Hiding Places For Home Security Cameras

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Undercover Watchdogs: Creative Hiding Places For Home Security Cameras

10 August 2023
 Categories: Technology, Blog

In the game of hide-and-seek with unwelcome guests, your home security cameras are the ultimate undercover watchdogs. They lurk unseen, capturing every move with an unwavering vigilance worthy of a high-stakes espionage thriller. Yet, where to place these cameras for maximum effectiveness often proves to be a head-scratcher.

This article unveils ingenious and creative nooks perfect for keeping your cameras concealed. 

Perched in Birdhouses

Birdhouses inherently attract little suspicion and are often overlooked, making them an ideal spot to camouflage your surveillance equipment. Most designs feature a small hole, perfect for a camera lens, while the box-like structure of the birdhouse provides ample space to house the body of the camera. 

Plus, birdhouses can be placed at various heights, providing flexibility to cover different angles and areas of your property.

Birdhouses can be hung from trees, attached to fences, or mounted on poles, and their designs range from simple boxes to elaborate miniature houses. This versatility means that irrespective of your home's architectural style or landscaping, and there is likely a birdhouse design that can blend seamlessly.

Furthermore, birdhouses, being outdoor structures, are naturally designed to withstand various weather conditions. This naturally protective design can help shield your camera from the elements, increasing its lifespan and ensuring continuous operation. 

The roof of the birdhouse, in particular, can serve as protection from direct sunlight, rain, or snow, preventing lens glare and damage to the camera. This makes birdhouses a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Hidden in Wall Clocks

Wall clocks present another excellent hiding spot for home security cameras. A quintessential feature in any home, wall clocks neither attract undue attention nor arouse suspicion. As they are usually hung at a significant height, they provide an unobstructed, wide-angle view of the room, making them a strategic spot for a surveillance camera.

Furthermore, many wall clocks come with large faces and deep back sections, offering sufficient space to conceal a compact security camera. This design similarity between the camera and the clock allows the camera to blend in perfectly without any conspicuous protrusions. 

Moreover, the constant movement of the clock hands can also mask the subtle operational sounds of the camera, ensuring its operation remains undetected.

Lastly, as wall clocks are a regular feature in various rooms, from the living room and kitchen to the bedroom, they offer great flexibility in terms of coverage. Depending on your security needs, you can place cameras in multiple clocks throughout your home. This provides extensive surveillance coverage and ensures a higher probability of capturing crucial footage in the event of a security breach.

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