Tips For Law Firms Using eDiscovery Managed Services

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Tips For Law Firms Using eDiscovery Managed Services

24 June 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you have a law firm that participates in eDiscovery for clients, then you need a better way to manage this process of sorting through lots of digital information online. There are specific eDiscovery managed services for legal practices like Blackstone Discovery. They can work out great if you use them in certain ways. 

Make Sure Training Is Included

In order to manage the data collected via eDiscovery over the months, you need to use software. If you work with an eDiscovery managed service provider, then you'll gain access to a dedicated software program. Your firm probably won't know how to use it right out of the gate though, so it's important to use some sort of training.

Most eDiscovery managed service providers will include this training so that your law firm can get up to speed with how this data management software is going to work. This training will help you avoid a lot of trouble early on with this software.

Work With an Implementation Team

In order to successfully roll out software used to manage data found in eDiscovery by your law firm, it's recommended to utilize professional help. An implementation team in particular is going to be who you want to work with.

This team will know the eDiscovery management software well and understand how to incorporate it into your law firm's operations in a way that doesn't interfere with what's currently going on with cases. They'll oversee every phase of this implementation so that you don't have to get stuck or worry about how you're going to start using eDiscovery management software.

Create Custom Workflows

If your firm hopes to get the most out of eDiscovery managed services and software, you really should consider creating custom workflows. That's a lot better than trying to use standard models that prevent you from managing data collected through eDiscovery in a standard way.

You can customize eDiscovery management software to work based on how your law firm operates, whether it's organizing data a certain way or getting updates on a certain day of the week. Managed service providers can help you put together these workflows too if you need assistance.

There is a lot of data involved when a law firm engages in eDiscovery. If you want to keep track of this data and manage it better, there are managed services you can rely on that give you access to software. You just need to know how to use said services correctly and you will with time and planning.