5 Ways To Enhance Preventative Maintenance Using CMMS Software

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5 Ways To Enhance Preventative Maintenance Using CMMS Software

23 February 2021
 Categories: Technology, Blog

If you are an operations manager in an organization, you're likely to be aware of issues that arise from system failures. All running processes may stall due to one problematic or faulty component. However, you could avoid these issues through the right preventative maintenance measures. They involve scheduling a series of maintenance programs to ensure all systems remain in peak working condition without experiencing unnecessary breakdowns.

You can also schedule preventative maintenance and monitor system performance using essential tools like CMMS (computerized maintenance management system). Here are five tips to enhance preventative maintenance using CMMS tools:

Set Up Standards

It's imperative to establish a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan and outline criteria for gauging efficiency and performance improvement. Any charts and lists provided by your supplier should only be a referencing guideline as you begin. That means you must craft a unique preventative maintenance strategy that solely applies to your company.

Involve All Stakeholders

Using the computerized maintenance management system alone may not effectively improve preventative maintenance structures. It's vital to streamline the software to match your processes and involve all stakeholders for a working and successful maintenance management plan. That will, in turn, ensure everyone's needs are met.

Assess Your Organization's Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you can implement a new maintenance program, evaluate your company's preventative maintenance strategy's strengths and weaknesses to address the immediate concerns. You can do that by considering issues such as work procedures and maintenance costs, as well as the history of your current equipment.

Draft A Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Checklist

This checklist is meant to outline step-by-step guidelines required by maintenance technicians to carry out preventative maintenance tasks on the equipment. An exhaustive list will also reveal which preventive maintenance task was rendered on particular assets. That will, in turn, allow the maintenance crew to give feedback to the supervisors and program planners. Such feedback is crucial in helping enhance the next work orders to come.

Refine Your Preventative Maintenance Schedule

You can receive automated alerts and work orders from your CMMS software. However, it's an uphill task for maintenance professionals to counterweigh work orders on multiple assets comprising newer and old equipment.

They'll most likely ignore the newer assets, since such equipment will be running smoothly, and instead concentrate on repairing the older types. Skipping preventative maintenance for new equipment showing no signs of failure is perfectly acceptable, but your technicians must keep on tracking its performance regardless.

For more information about preventative maintenance CMMS software, contact a local company.