A Look at Some Choices You Have When Buying a New Kitchen Range

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A Look at Some Choices You Have When Buying a New Kitchen Range

20 May 2019
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New appliances give your kitchen an updated look and they can even make mealtime more convenient. While you may give a lot of thought to the type of refrigerator you want since they come in so many different styles, you should also think about the range. The right range could make a difference in how fast you can prepare meals and how quickly you can clean up afterward. Here's a look at some options in kitchen ranges.

Gas, Electric, or Induction

If you're building or renovating a house, then you may want to install a gas line so you can have a gas stovetop for better temperature control. You can buy a range with gas burners and an electric or gas oven to suit your style of cooking. If you don't have gas, you don't have to give up temperature control if you choose an induction range. These have induction burners on top and convection ovens that speed up the cooking process. If you have a tight budget, you may want a basic electric range, but if you can spend more, an induction range could be worth it.

These aren't as easy to find, but some major manufacturers make them. For instance, you can buy Frigidaire kitchen appliances and get any type of range you want, including an induction range. Since the range is made by a major brand, parts are easy to find.

Freestanding, Slide-In, or Front Control

A freestanding range has a tall back where the controls are mounted, and it has finished sides so it doesn't have to be pushed against a cabinet and countertop to look nice. A slide-in range is made to fit in an opening in your cabinets so the range looks built in. Their controls are usually on top of the range. They don't have a tall back so they have a sleek appearance and blend in with the countertop. They don't have finished sides since the sides are intended to be hidden. A front-control range is a blend between the other two. It has the appearance of being a slide-in range, but it can be freestanding too. The oven has finished sides so it doesn't need cabinets on both sides, but it doesn't have a tall back, and the controls are on the front of the range.

Double or Single Ovens

If you do a lot of cooking, you might find a range with a double oven to be a good investment so you can bake various dishes at once. You might prefer a range with a traditional oven and microwave oven built into the same appliance. However, a traditional range with a stovetop and single oven may suit the way you cook perfectly.

With so many choices in kitchen ranges, you can find one that's a good match for your cooking style and lifestyle. Think about the way you cook and your preferred power source, and then look at all the options available at a kitchen appliance showroom because appearance and finish are important too.