5 Features To Look For When Choosing Mobile Gaming Payment Software For Your New Game Apps

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5 Features To Look For When Choosing Mobile Gaming Payment Software For Your New Game Apps

16 November 2018
 Categories: Technology, Blog

It's expected that mobile gaming will account for more than half of the gaming market as a whole by 2020, so you're smart to start offering new game apps to customers now. But to make money off your game apps, you'll need to incorporate mobile gaming payment software into them. Here are a few features that the software you choose to use should offer:

Transaction Alerts

To minimize the risk of transaction declines, it's important that the mobile gaming payment software you use provides your customers with transaction alerts as they progress through the payment system. If a piece of information is improperly put in, such as the wrong amount of credit card numbers or an unrecognized billing address, your payment software should alert your customer immediately so they can correct the problems before proceeding to make a payment.

After payments are declined, your software should provide customers with specific decline codes that will help them understand what went wrong so they can retry their payment method and successfully complete their transaction. If a customer doesn't understand why their payment was declined, they will be more likely to move on without purchasing anything at all.

Worldwide Payment Options

Ensure that you don't alienate any of your customers based on where they live by choosing mobile gaming payment software that offers worldwide payment options. Your software should accept localized payments from people living in all the major countries throughout the world without them having to convert their funds to different currencies or wait days for authorization. And the payment portal should adapt to the various languages that are spoken in the countries that you serve so that all of your customers can understand how to navigate throughout the payment process.

Multi-Device Functionality

While your customers are most likely play your games on their smartphones, there may come a time when they want to use their tablets or computers to access your games and make in-game purchases. And with the combination tablet/computer devices now available on the market, consumers are more prepared than ever to integrate their favorite games and apps into their various devices.

So even if you don't support any other platforms but smartphones right now, it's a good idea to make sure that the payment software you invest in can function on multiple devices. This will allow you to expand the gaming experience for your customers as time goes on so they can use their various devices to play your games or at least purchase in-game content that can later be accessed on their mobile devices.

Built-in Fraud Protection

One of the most important things you can do to protect your customers from theft and your business from profit losses is to make sure that fraud protection is built in to your mobile gaming payment software.

The software you decide to incorporate into your mobile games should be loaded with multiple fraud detection functions and an automatic alert system that will let you and the customer know when a fraudulent payment is being attempted. IP geolocation, device fingerprinting, automatic payment holds, and a customizable rule table are just a few of the fraud protection features that your mobile gaming payment software should come with.

Access to Regular Reporting

Another feature the mobile gaming payment software you decide to invest in should offer is access to regular analytical reports. Whether once a week or on a monthly basis, you should be able to create printable reports based on things like customer sales, transaction declines, error messages, and automatic payment retries so you can gain crucial insight into the customer payment experience and identify areas that your business is strong in as well as areas that need to be improved on.

Contact your service provider today to learn more about how online game payment software can benefit your business and optimize your customers' game play experiences.