Security Options For Apartments And Condominiums: Wireless Alarm Systems And Cameras Deter Thieves And Give You Peace Of Mind

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Security Options For Apartments And Condominiums: Wireless Alarm Systems And Cameras Deter Thieves And Give You Peace Of Mind

18 August 2017
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While most people think of alarm systems as being exclusively for homeowners, new advances in wireless technology have made them an attractive option for renters as well. With no need to make modifications to the unit, these systems can be easily installed and can be taken with you when you move. If you are interested in installing an alarm system in your apartment, contact an alarm system professional to discuss your options; not only will it help keep your belongings safe, but also it will give you increased peace of mind when you are away from home.

Ask Your Landlord For Permission Before Installing An Alarm System

In the past, alarm systems were all wired systems; this made them a poor choice for apartment renters or condominium owners because wired systems require drilling holes in the unit and running wires through the walls. It's very unlikely that your landlord or condominium complex would approve these forms of modification to the unit because of possible damage that the installation process may cause; they simply do not want to take the risk. Even if your landlord would approve it, you would not be able to take your alarm system with you if you moved since it is part of the unit itself, so wired systems are overall not ideal for renters.

Newer wireless alarm systems are just as effective as wireless systems and can be easily installed. These systems typically use sensors that are attached to your windows and doors with adhesives in order to determine if a break-in is occurring; the sensors report suspicious activity to a central router in your apartment via wireless internet, which can then either contact your monitoring company or send you a warning. Since these wireless systems do not require modifications to the unit, landlords are more permissive about using wireless alarm systems.

You will still need to inform your landlord of your alarm system and provide security codes, since the landlord and maintenance staff will need a way to disable the alarm system if they enter your unit.

Motion-Activated Wireless Security Cameras Let You Monitor Your Apartment Away From Home

One of the security risks renters face is that you often have people entering your apartment that you don't know very well. Whether they're part of the maintenance staff, a pest control contractor or a cleaning company, you have less control over who enters your home than a homeowner.

You may want to invest in a motion-activated wireless security camera in order to monitor people who enter your apartment. In order to save storage space and prevent false alarms, they use motion sensors in order to determine when to start recording. If you have a pet, you'll need to get a model that has a pet-friendly motion sensor; otherwise, your pet's movements will constantly activate the motion sensor and send you false alarms. Videos that are recorded by the camera can be sent to you while you are not at home, allowing you to monitor the inside of your apartment continuously.

A combination of a monitored wireless alarm system and motion-activated security cameras allows you to receive updates about any suspicious activity that may be occurring in your apartment or condo; this both helps deter thieves and gives you evidence to aid the police in their investigation in the event of a burglary. For more information, contact a business such as Tele-Plus.